Are Canvas Tote Bags a Wise Marketing Investment?

Along with offering products that are high in quality and serve a purpose, it helps to use the right marketing approach to build brand awareness. Investing in promotional products like canvas tote bags is one of the ways to accomplish the goal. Here are a few of the advantages that come with choose to set aside the funds to order and distribute these types of Promotional bags.

Something Useful

Just about every business professional has attended a job fair, trade show, or other event and received a plastic bag to carry brochures and other items available for free. What happens with those bags once the professional is back at the office? Most of the time, they end up being discarded. All that hard work put into designing an appealing bag that helps to spread the company’s name is lost.

By contrast, a tote bag sporting the company name, logo, and contact information is not likely to end up in a bin. Instead, that bag will be kept and put to good use for all sorts of applications. That increases the odds of more people seeing the name of the company and wanting to know more about what it has to offer. Think of it as one of the more effective ways in today’s world to make use of what is known as passive marketing.

Cultivating a Green Reputation

Offering bags of this type also attract customers who want to do business with companies that seek to reduce waste and leave less of a carbon footprint. Plastic bags don’t provide that impression. A canvas bag that can be used over and over does appeal to those who are interested in living a green lifestyle. That could mean building a reputation in a brand new consumer market.

It’s true that these types of bags cost a little more than other options. In exchange for the higher per unit cost, the business owner gains access to a promotional tool that keeps on working long after the event is over. Spend some time today checking into the options for this type of bag and lock in some pricing. Doing so may be all it takes to convey the company’s message to a wider audience.