Focus on the Future to Optimize Your Website Properly

Website owners need to make sure their website is easy to find by the search engine web crawlers and make sure it looks like an authority website so it will be ranked as high as possible. The process of doing this, search engine optimization (SEO), is rapidly changing as the way people do searches is rapidly changing. Website owners need to stay on top of this to ensure their website is easy for potential customers to find.

Technology Changes Quickly

The first car phone was created in 1982 and was way too large to actually carry around outside of the car. The first commercially available cell phone was available in 1987, but the cost was too prohibitive for most people. It wasn’t until the late 90’s and early 2000’s that cell phones became more popular and 2007 when the first iPhone was released launched the latest smartphone craze.

More Customers Use Mobile Devices

Although customers just a couple of decades ago likely couldn’t imagine it, now people are using their phones essentially as computers. They can even purchase keyboards to make it easier to type on their phone. An estimated more than 77% of people now have a smartphone. They use them to search for what they need no matter where they happen to be, making it easier for them to search when they’re not near a computer, and they want to be able to view mobile websites to easily find what they need.

Voice Searches are Becoming More Prevalent

The most recent advancement is voice searches. Google now, Siri and Cortana all make it easy for a person to just ask for what they want instead of having to think of the right keyword to use and type it into their phone or their computer. More and more searches are done by voice nowadays, which uses more natural sounding keywords, and the trend is expected to continue rising as voice searches become more accurate.

It’s not just important to optimize a website. It’s also important to ensure the optimization uses the latest technology well and to ensure it’s kept up to date so it continues to implement new techniques designed to work with new technology. Contact San Rafael SEO experts today to get the help you need to fully optimize your website and to make sure your customers can find your website.