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Tips in Purchasing Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

Jewelry is something that we all love to have. People buy jewelry for different reasons like buying something to wear with their wardrobe, and others buy jewelry that they are attracted to. Jewelry change, they come and go, but your engagement and wedding rings will be worn on your finger for a really long time. An engagement and wedding rings on your finger will remind you of special days and will show the world that you are in a relationship with your spouse.

Buying a matching set of engagement and wedding rings is something that many couples prefer, wearing one above the other on your finger. The best engagement and weddings rings to buy are those that complement each other and you don’t necessarily have to match them in a very obvious fashion. If you are buying matching sets of engagement and wedding rings makes sure to consider the metal, the band width, shape, and embellishments. Here are some tips to consider when buying an engagement and wedding ring set.

The band width of both engagement and wedding rings should be the same. You don’t want one of the rings to be overshadowed which will happen if one happens to be larger than the other.

Get the same kind of metal for both engagement and wedding rings. If you have a golden engagement rings, then it would be perfect to have a golden wedding band. Choose the same metals with the same colors for a beautiful set. Choosing yellow gold for an engagement ring and rose gold for a wedding ring would not look nice on your fingers since these colors will clash. The life of your rings will match if you get them in the same karat count.

A proper coordination of gems, stones, and patterns on the rings is to be desires. Here are some pairings that are ideal for an engagement and wedding ring set.

If you want to match your ring with a string of cut gemstones arranged in a continuous line for your engagement rings, the perfect match would be a simple wedding band. If your engagement rings is a solitaire engagement ring or a three stone diamond band, it is best matched with a wedding ring with an eternity band.

If both rings will have stones, make sure that the stone colors are constant for both. An engagement ring can use colored stones, and a wedding ring can use white stones like diamonds.

Compared to modern rings, vintage engagement and wedding rings have a lot more embellishments. Engravings and filigree are on these rings. The engravings should be the same on both although one ring should emphasize the feature of the other.

If you have a large engagement ring, then your wedding ring should be a simple one.

Jewelry stores will have these stores of engagement and wedding ring sets.

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