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What Benefits do Milestone Tokens Possess?

The desire to abandon an addiction like alcohol intake is a very vital desire. But quitting any type of addiction is really hard since your body has become dependent of that type of substance. For instance that you are so used to getting drunk since it is the only way your body can rest because you cannot sleep sober. But some rehabilitation centers figured out a way to reward these people who can stop and become sober for a certain time. And that is where these milestone tokens come from, they are the reward that these addicts get after being sober for quite some time.

The token is a symbol or a milestone of the person who has been sober for a certain time. And you will even get a milestone token after the very first twenty-four hours of your sobriety to liquor. The milestone token that you get on your very first day of being sober will be the one that will give you the most impact, emotionally and physically. That will symbolize your very first step in the making of your new life.

When you will be receiving the AA coin, a person from the rehab group will be explaining to you the importance of the coin. It will symbolize the person’s commitment and determination in stopping his current addiction and walk down the path of sobriety. This will mean that you will be open to anything that the rehab center will be doing in order to help you stop the addiction. This will mean that you are determined to stop.
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The coin itself will have nothing about the commitment of the person that is undergoing the rehab process other hat offering encouragement and giving him or her a view of what to expect when he or she can fully recover from the addiction. It will serve as a reminder that every time the person will seek alcohol, just a look at the token and he or she will be reminded of the determination that he has promised to stop being an alcoholic.
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The fact that stopping any addiction is hard can be very spine chilling, how could someone, who already knows the danger of that substance, keep on using it? That is why a lot of people are struggling in stopping their addiction because they cannot seem to let go of the substance even if they already know that it is bad for them. Their body has become dependent of the substance and that is why it is hard for them to stop but with a little encouragement, it will truly help them. That is why the milestone token was brought up, because it offers hope and encouragement that there is still a chance for you to have a new better life.