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What Wedding and Engagement Rings Represent

You may want to get married and begin to unfold another chapter of your life when you attain a certain age when you are done with your education and are working. They will want to get married and begin a new life that is far way different from their past lives. When we get jobs, and we are stable financially, we can get married and start new lives. Marriage is considered an important process in our lives because it acts as a beginning of a life of long commitment and family, makes two people who have affection for each other to be one, prepares us for parenting and helps us to reflect the love that was given to us by our creator. Engagement rings and wedding rings symbolize the process of preparation for marriage and show that people are married.

A wedding ring is a type of ring that is worn on the right or left ring finger to show that the person wearing it is married. These rings are worn by the wife and the husband and can be made using precious metals such as gold. Wedding rings are not supposed to be removed by the married couple since they are the only visible symbols that show that someone is married. Engagement rings are rings that are used by different people to propose as they get ready for marriage, and the ring is worn by the lady only. Engagement rings aren’t always symbols of love but a symbol of commitment to a person that you are planning to marry and begin a new life with. The most popular types of engagement rings are the three stone and engraving engagement rings that are used while proposing to various people.

The wedding and engagement rings are linked to various symbolic meanings that are tied to them. The shapes of the rings represent renewal, perfection, wholeness and eternity because circles have no end or beginning. Engagement and wedding rings are circular in shape thus representing the moon, planets and sun that connects all forms of life just like the engagement and the wedding rings bring different people together.
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Rings that are made of diamond mainly represent eternity because rings made of diamond cannot be easily scratched or crushed with different materials since diamond is the hardest gemstone. Rings that are made using diamond also represent love since they are very beautiful and attractive to many people. Wedding and engagement rings are used to represent different things like renewal, perfection, wholeness and eternity to the couple that is planning to marry or to the already married couple.Jewelry: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make