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What Are Google Docs? Technology has become so advanced and the products it produce has really help the world especially the use of the computer but there is also one thing that has made using the computer much easier and that is Google Docs, it has become a very important factor in today’s advancement. The thing that google focus on is avoiding things that happen over and over again. Using google docs can really make job easier as well as handling online tasks that these people will be having, this is also helpful for class use as well, when the teacher will give a task that will concern making some paper works, instead of printing them and passing it, the teacher can now allow you to just type it and pass it online together with the rest of your classmates, this will not only speed up your work but it will speed up the teacher’s work as well as he or she can now it on her or his google docs where you passed it and if there are any corrections it would be easier because the teacher can just send it again with the needed corrections, it really helps linking the files together. The teacher can ask the students to pass their drafts in google docs. The students will send the drafts and the teacher will be able to see the drafts online. After the teacher checks the drafts she or he will send the drafts back with the needed corrections for the student. The drafts will accumulate but the copies will not burden the teacher because it is all stored online. Imagine having hundreds of drafts from the class you handle, that would be really troublesome if they were printed out. After the draft editing the final paper will also kill the teacher in checking them because they will be so many edits. Checking that many paper will be very problematic for the teacher and waste of energy and time for the students. These online documents will fit perfectly in google docs, this will also help you save more time, energy and space. The files in google docs will be seen by the teacher and he or she can edit some of the needed edits real time. There is less hassle for the teacher in creating documents for each of her or his students. These online documents will serve as the students place to pass their work. Changes will be given if needed once the teacher as viewed the online document the students passed. This will mean that all of the work the students did will be stored in one organized file which will allow the teacher to check easily. The case studies of 30 people will not result into 120 copies but instead the files will be stored in the online document thanks to google docs.The 10 Best Resources For Documents

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