Why Shale Has Become A Big Deal

The one constant about today’s world is that it will need more energy. Consumption has seen a continual upward trend. This trend has persisted despite temporary downturns during periods of recession. As a result, this ever growing appetite for energy requires the development and exploitation of new sources to meet the demand.

For more than a century, oil has been the black fuel that has powered civilization. Most of that oil came out of vast reservoirs that were easily accessible. When the earliest instances of underground wells running dry began manifesting, geologists began searching for new sources previously considered unreachable. At that time, design engineers developed a new type drill bit capable of penetrating hard granite. This opened up whole new oceans of oil to be exploited and ramped up the growth of modern civilization. Now, this challenge has again manifested and, once again, technology has stepped up to the plate.

There are uncounted billions of barrels of oil locked in shale rock. Shale production was first explored as an emergency alternative source for oil decades ago. However, the difficulty of drawing the oil from shale proved an intractable problem in terms of technology. The available equipment and methodologies simply were not up to the task. And, until recent years, there was not a sufficient need to develop new technology since traditional oil drilling was still the most economical option. However, given that many of the accessible oil reservoirs are starting to run dry, shale has suddenly become very attractive as a new source. Necessity being the mother of invention, as always, new technologies have indeed been developed to rise to this challenge.

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