5 Fascinating Ideas for Your Home Terrace

Access to the house is not just the front door. But, also the connecting area between the outside walkway and the front door. Usually, this area is a terrace, or not. To beautify this area, you need to choose a design that equates the park, the walkway, the terrace and the front door. Houston stained concrete is the right choice for the best concrete service.

In this book of ideas, you will find 5 design examples for the terrace floor and the area around the entrance. Some are a continuation of the path. There is also a direct entry to the entrance. One of them would you like.

  1. Modern white concrete floor

In this picture, the floor on the terrace works like a path. The wide concrete slab up and down aims to bridge the gap between the roadside and the house. White cement is used as a finishing touch for concrete slabs to appear flexible.

The equipment used to smooth the surface of this concrete floor should be clean and not corroded. You have to be careful when polishing this floor because little spots can stain this white floor. Polish the pores on the surface to prevent the floor from wearing. If you do not have time, you can order concrete slabs on page about us. Floor installation is done at the final stage of house construction.

  1. Granite floors, elegant and traditional

Granite is a material that has long been used as a floor. Granite floors that have been polished durable, strong and easy maintenance. Easy to clean, resistant to friction, and leave no traces if we drag the object on it. Granite floors are also not easy to absorb water and not easily moldy. All these qualities make the granite floor worthy of your choosing.

  1. Wood and rustic stone

This is a design that will make your home look unique. The combination of stone and wood is a rustic touch for a modern house. We recommend that you take care of the wooden plates regularly so as not to be mossy and durable. The stones around the wooden slab should be small, in order to fill the space between the wooden plates with each other.

  1. Clay and cement

Clay floors and cement plates are interesting solutions that need to be taken into account. Match with the main entrance that is next to the house. The dimensions of the pottery trinkets will give you the impression you want.

  1. Limestone floor

The limestone floor is barely porous and not slippery. Suitable for the area around the front door is often exposed to rainwater. The experts use limestone floors with a variety of light gray shades and are perfectly displayed just in front of the door. I love it. How about you?