Creative Multitasking and The Serial Entrepreneur

The digital era has ushered in a brand-new kind of entrepreneur, someone who can quickly adapt their talents in one field and then convert them to success in another. There’s no better example than the man behind the smart coffee mug. Clayton Alexander took his expertise in one field, used it to build a successful career, and then used that success to build his greatest creation: A heat controlled digital coffee mug that keeps coffee at a perfect temperature for the user. It can be customized and used with an app.

This entrepreneur’s background was in Lighting Design for the Performing Arts, a far distant cry away from the thermal science used to create his digital mug. But this example brings up one of the most fascinating things about today’s entrepreneurs. They’re not confined to just one area of expertise. Thanks to the digital revolution, they’re free to spread ideas almost at will, and if they’re good ideas, they’re going to catch on thanks to their prior work (click here for info).

This doesn’t mean that an entrepreneur who has success in one area will always find success in another. It’s like athletes who win championship after championship in one sport but then barely make it to the starting lineup in another sport. Sometimes you have your strengths and sometimes you have your mediocrity. It all depends on the sport you’re playing.

The smart mug is just one example of an entrepreneur with a background in another area stepping up to the plate and hitting a home run in that second field. Thanks to Alexander’s work, today’s workforce is getting to experience the miracle of a digital coffee mug and app to control it. It makes it more fun and convenient to make the perfect batch of coffee, and let’s face it, it’s just more fun for those who take their coffee creations very seriously.

Stories like this are an inspiration for all of the creative entrepreneurs of the world who aren’t satisfied to just settle for one area of influence. If you’re going to influence the world at all, why not influence many different parts of it? Some experts suggest never confining yourself to just one business at all. They explain that the purpose of business isn’t just to make money but to pursue a life that is never boring. Highly intelligent, very creative individuals might feel like they are missing out on leaving behind a true legacy if they only focus on one particular business. Thanks to stories like those of Ember’s founder, more entrepreneurs have the courage to venture outside their comfort zones and impact the world in a much larger way.

No entrepreneur ever just influences the business world. They leave behind a creative legacy that future entrepreneurs can find inspiration from. While it’s okay to stick with one field and one business, many of today’s entrepreneurs are taking advantages of the way technology allows them to branch out, and they’re leaving behind useful, fascinating creations for the world.