Do not Carelessly Choosing Floor for Room

The floor is an important part of a building and decoration space. Not only the floor design that must be considered when building a dwelling, but also the quality of materials such as resilience daily wear, humidity, load, and color.

There are many types of floor models on the market, ranging from fine-textured, shiny, matte, clay floor, stone, ceramic or wood. The question is, what kind of floor is good to use to decorate our house? You can also take a look the concrete services. Maybe you will interest with it.

The need for the floor for the garage is certainly different from the floor for the child’s room. Likewise, the other room. And for your inspiration, here are some ideas for floor types that are tailored to the room function.

The floor of the entrance area of ​​the house

This area will often be passed by many people because it must be made of strong material. You can choose the floor of natural material so it has a high resilience. Also, the stained concrete patio is recommended to try.

Use the same type of floor for the corridor that is integrated with the living room or living room. Because it is basically aesthetically not recommended to combine the floor with different types, textures, or colors in the connection area.

Living room floor

Floors in the living room can be made more creative. You can play textures and colors. The color chosen should match the walls and furniture, be it dark or light no matter.

If you want a floor that looks prominent from other designs you can choose bright colors. When choosing a minimalist style that accentuates simplicity, you can choose floor, walls, and furniture in white or neutral colors.

The touch of dark gray, black, or metallic can be combined with a minimalist style. Can also choose to use marble, wood, or ceramic floor, depending on the main impression you want to present.

Bedroom floor

The wooden floor is the most appropriate choice for the bedroom area. Wooden floors can also bring warmth and comfort. Likewise, during cold weather, you will not experience a thermal shock when you set foot in the morning.

But if you want to use a tile as a floor, choose neutral colors or cool colors like gray, blue, or similar soft colors. Add brightly colored rugs as balancing.