how to cope with marijuana addiction

Cannabis is considered a safe drug compared to heroine. In fact most drug addicts start by trying marijuana. If using marijuana, then the mind will become sluggish and will look stupid, fear, panic, depression, confusion and hallucinations.

Initially it was just trying to be addicted, but it was not to be regretted but made into lessons. There are times when people have to change. Well now how to change.

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Here are some tips for overcoming marijuana addiction:

1. Intention

“Today I have to stop”, yes that day also doesn’t want to touch again with marijuana and you also have to be honest with yourself.

2. Stay away from your environment

it is mean stay away from your friends who like make first.

3. Keep yourself busy

Looking for busy like anything that can please your heart like a playing game or writing in the blog whatever important to make your heart happy.

4. Sports

In addition to beneficial to our bodies with exercise can also remove the existing poison bodies you little by little.

5. Pray

without praying we may not be free from drugs. Ask to God to be shunned from the devil that tempts us.

Our body is a gift from a god therefore, we should also appreciate the creation of God by removing our bodies from things that are forbidden by Him.

PS:Drinks and drugs are not new things that existed from a long time ago. And can’t be eradicated because the devil will disturb humans until the end of the age so I think the most important thing is how we can protect ourselves and our families so as not to fall