The document structure Neat For Companies

So many documents scattered office space as well as in our work space. Without realizing it we discard documents that we think is not used anymore, but it is still very important document. Documents that we can not waste if the effective period of approximately one year. Some people often stray documents in one place but mixed with other documents, if needed, we must seek it again or unload the entire document is only for flyers important documents. Then after receiving the document, disimpang again as the first position, and to need it again should the document unloaded and so on. It is not very effective, especially very time consuming or a lot of time wasted.Visit here to find more information
Document is divided into two kinds, namely physical and non-physical document (computer file). Physical document form letters or leaflets paper documents while non-physical form of the program file. Tidy up the documents in a way we would be more effective making it easier to look for it when we needed it. I will give some way up the document in physical form, as follows:

1. Provide a place for document storage, such as shelves, cabinets or special tables for document storage.
2. Separate the documents by category or origin / source, if it merukan company documents, separated by a department or work unit.
3. Separate documents incoming and outgoing documents, whether you provide a place to summarize.
4. Set each flyer documents from the date of publication, starting from the bottom of the document date of issue long and so continued until the date of publication of this day / date of new issues were the top position.
5. Give each label documents that have been summarized and which has tersimpang in the first place based on the source file or per department / per unit of work.
6. After you can deviate on a closet shelf is open or closed cabinets.
7. Make a book list of the documents that you’ve intersection in storage shelves, so you can easily search for it.
8. Every incoming mail or outgoing, you would note in the book and in the list of files based on their group.
Why is there a grouping like this? younger so you get the paperwork you need without having to unpack. Documents that are not tersimpang regular, you will be very difficult to find and it will take a long time. If a document in the form of a computer program file, do not much surgery by way of smoothing a document in physical form. The date and time is programmed automatically, you stay separating based on source and per department / per unit in the form of one folder.

Tidy up a very important document where you can easily find it, not in terms of large and small, and also some of the many documents. If you want a more effective, you can do some manner, so that you have no difficulty in looking and easy to find. It is also one way of good administrative work, so that you do the work more productive and effective. That is how the information I can give for those of you who want to know how to spruce up a good document in your working space, at home and at work.